Recommended limestone surface finishes for exterior cladding

There any nowadays many types of surface finishes used on limestone cladding applications, showing diverse color tones, textures and looks. A cladding surface is important as it may have an impact on how the cladding will age, keeping its original surface finish or not.

On this article, we introduce to some of the most commonly used exterior cladding surface finishes when it comes to limestone use. Limestones are fairly soft types of stones that are versatile in terms of surface finishes. A surface finish can add or enhance the limestone color, structure and overall look, so the right choice of surface finishing is very important. Due to the constant exposure to exterior elements, a good choice of surface finishing is important and may decide how well the cladding will look in the future.

You can check here all about best surface finishings to be used on exterior cladding, or simply check the video here. For any additional information about the best limestone finishes for exterior cladding application in the UK and Ireland, you can contact us directly.