Introduction to Portuguese Brecha limestones

We take a look at a very specific but beautiful Portuguese limestone called Brecha. In Portugal there are few types of Brecha limestones and we will be talking about two of them.

The Brecha is a type of stone that can be found in many countries, with Portugal having its own representation. In this article, we introduce you to two main types of Portuguese Brecha limestone. This is a very hard and fractured limestone, presenting a beige to brownish color, strong signs of calcite and elements that are very characteristic of this stone.

Brecha limestone from Portugal

One of the main types of Brecha available in Portugal is the Brecha St Antonio, which is essentially a beige to brown colored limestone, with an irregular pattern, with strong signs of calcite and some occasional fossils. It shows quite an irregular pattern, being considered a very hard limestone. This is normally produced with mesh and resin, with a polished surface. This stone is mostly used on small-scale interior decoration projects.

The other main type is known as Brecha Algarve, being a little bit different from the previous Brecha, more irregular and showing a brown to silver color, with a spider-web structure, showing an orange to pink color tone. There is still calcite and fossils, but showing a different color, mostly darker. Like the Brecha St Antonio, this Brecha is also used on small-scale interior decoration projects.

Both types of Brecha are ideal limestones to be combined with lighter colored limestones, often with Moleanos or Moca Creme, which gives a strong contrast.