Comparison between Moleanos Beige and Jura Beige


Being two reference beige limestones in the UK market, the Jura Beige and the Moleanos Classic are direct competitors but also complementary beige limestones. Both are exceptional limestone with a good market share in the UK. But what do they have in common and what makes them different?

Our friends from have this very interesting article where they compare the famous Moleanos Classic (also known as Moleanos Beige) limestone from Portugal and the reliable Jura Beige limestone from Germany. These are two beige colored limestone that are widely available in the UK and have a great market share in terms of limestone supply.

These are two competitive limestones that share a lot in common but also have a lot of different aspects, slightly different appearance, technical properties, price and more. On this article Moleanos Classic vs Jura Beige, you will know more about these two limestones, which includes a great video that shows in detail both limestones.

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