Natural stone profile: Azul Valverde limestone

We introduce you here to the wonderful grey limestone Azul Valverde. This is Portuguese limestone with a fairly uniform darker grey color, consistent background and beautiful look.

The Azul Valverde has been for years the most important grey colored limestone coming from Portugal. We are talking about a limestone that shows a fairly uniform color and background, fine to medium grain structure, but some occasional color tone variations.

The Azul Valverde limestone has been a dominante force in the market, both in Europe and North America, with hundreds of containers and trucks being shipped of this material. It has recently however, seen a decrease in demand, mostly due to limited supply from aging quarries that are coming to the end of their lives. Nonetheless, there are today numerous alternatives to the Azul Valverde limestone, which are slowly taking the place of this still very reputable grey limestone.

Regardless, the Azul Valverde still enjoys great popularity and demand and will continue to be a relevant grey limestone from Portugal. In this video, we take a look at this grey Portuguese limestone, showing some of its selections and finishings.