Introduction to the Moleanos limestone from Portugal


The Moleanos is a fantastic beige limestone from Portugal, with a solid market and growing demand in Britain and Ireland. This is a light beige limestone that has been used widely on both exterior cladding but also supplied as tiles for flooring or paving.

The Moleanos got started in the British market as a close and more economic alternative to the local Portland limestone. After some years of use, it gained the hearts and minds of local architects, developers and suppliers and is today an authority limestone by itself.

This is a beige colored limestone that can present a fine grain structure (Moleanos Fine or White), with consistent light beige color and occasional delicate inclusions. The medium grain Moleanos (known as Moleanos Classic) shows a darker beige color, medium grain structure and is a harder type. There is also the alternative grey / blue selection, which essentially is a blue colored option called Moleanos Blue.

On this video, we take a look at this wonderful Portuguese limestone, making a presentation about some of its main variations, but also surface finishes that are most commonly used.

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