We are a reference natural stones producer and supplier from Portugal with decades of experience working on the field of natural stones, today with a strong focus on the supply of marble and limestone to UK and Ireland.


About Us

As a family-run business that has been passing stone know-how and knowledge to work and understand natural stones from few generations onwards, we are proud to say that we are real stone people that feel the stone and the way it is shaped.

Today, this experience combined with serious technological investments and strong relationships with relevant quarries, allow us to become one of the key natural stone suppliers in Portugal.

With the UK and Ireland as our special market, where we have been supplying beautiful projects to a growing number of clients.


We can offer a full service to our clients, where we begin with the follow-up of the building project with the clients, starting from the design stage, all the way to stone manufacturing and support on installation and maintenance.

Despite being a stone manufacturer and supplier, our team can give a certain level of support on these different areas.

Project design
Stone supply
Installation consultancy

Top stone selection

Working exclusively with the best selection of Portuguese limestone and marble, we can offer a good range of natural stones for the different types of applications, which are suitable, durable and beautiful.

Great value

Our process begins at the quarry, where we get all our blocks at competitive values, which combined with an efficient production structure, allows us to offer our clients a great stone quality / value relation.

Directly from the source

By manufacturing and supplying the stone directly from the source where the limestone and marble are extracted, we allow our clients to participate and follow-up the creation of their stone projects from day one.